The commute

It’s Sunday, and it’s raining, and I’ve been home all day perusing home decor blogs, cleaning, organising and looking forward to Monday. I know I won’t always look forward to the beginning of a work week, but for now, it’s such relief to be working, that I’m reveling in the feeling a little bit.

Each day last week, though I haven’t gotten used to getting up early or to an alarm, I looked forward to get ready, getting squashed on the tube with the masses on my way to put in seven hours of work. I find whether I’m standing or sitting, I enjoy my commute – I love the time to do a bit of reading now that I can’t stay up until 1 a.m. lost in my book, and when my eyes need a break, I love people watching. (especially checking out women’s outfits – I need inspiration!) I think this time, heading to and from work, are my favourite parts of my work day, aside from seeing my husband.


The people at my office, about 12 of them, have been quite welcoming and warm. I do feel a bit of pressure to get to know my way around what’s expected of me and work without direction, but I hope that comes soon. I even went for after-work drinks with my co-workers one night so I could get to know everyone a little better. I learned that one of my bosses is an opera singer, and the other is a body builder – yes, I saw pictures of her in a bikini, thanks to the opera-singing boss.

It’s not perfect, I’m not overly interested in the subject matter of the charity, and I do find myself looking at the clock wanting it to be time to leave – but doesn’t every bookworm want to finish that slow but essential thing called work so they can get back to that thing that matters – their book?


Overall, it feels good to have a purpose to each day. I’m thankful my days of interviewing are over for now, and that I can enjoy my days off freely without guilt of not applying to enough jobs.

Looking forward to Monday!

P.S., have you seen Book Reviews with Strangers on the Subway? How about Books on the Underground?

P.P.S. What are you reading?


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