Coconut Oil – trend or actual miracle?

I have been reading a lot on coconut oil lately. It seems to be everyone’s go-to miracle treatment – for body and beauty.

I’m not a scientist, I’m not a doctor and I’m not a beauty expert, so I don’t know if it’s this year’s kale, or it actually is as amazing as I’ve heard in the media. But I’ve been curious …


Husband and I picked up a large container of it recently after we’d read it was better for cooking than vegetable oil or even extra virgin olive oil. Apparently, it has a high smoke point, meaning it has to get to a really high temperature before it chemically breaks down and becomes toxic, unlike olive oil.

It’s said coconut oil is great as a beauty treatment. It’s supposed to moisturise hair naturally, and stimulate growth. It’s also been used as a treatment against baldness, according to My hair nearly hits my elbows, but it won’t grow any further than that, but I’d love it a little longer. I also have dry, frizzy hair which I think with a good treatment could really improve the texture of my wavy hair. Supposedly, it can help stop grey hair (which I’m getting plenty of thanks to my mother’s genes). I’m sceptical on that, but if that turns out to be the case, that would be fantastic.

So, after watching a YouTube tutorial, I slathered it on my hair to see what it did. I have to say, after two hours and three shampoos to wash it out, it did feel better. So I will try it again, perhaps weekly. Since thicker eyebrows are in (and I’ve been trying to grow mine in slightly for at least the last two months), I’ve read coconut oil it’s a product to accelerate growth if you just put it on before going to bed and leave it overnight.

I’ve also heard how good it is for your body. It’s full-on fat, but that “good fat” that the cool kids are into these days. According to, “Coconut oil has an unusually high amount of medium-chain fatty acids or triglycerides (MCFAs or MCTs), which are harder for our bodies to convert into stored fat and easier for them to burn off than long-chain fatty acids or triglycerides (LCFAs or LCTs).” So, in other words, it can help you burn fat and lose weight. I am slim, but I feel I’ve put on a couple of pounds since arriving in London (not working, staying in and job hunting, bored with staying in and moseying over to the cupboard, etc.) so I like this idea. I read to put a tablespoon in coffee, so I’ve tried it for the last couple days. I have to say, I can see it being a bit of an appetite suppressant and has the superpower to reduce sugar cravings. Before I had some tonight, I wanted an Oreo. Now I don’t.

I’m also reading it can reduce cholesterol, improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivities for diabetics.

It’s also a natural moisturiser for people who are afraid to use products with parabens – a preservative chemical found in plenty of beauty products that has been linked to cancer and reproductive issues.

So like I said, I’m no expert. I’ve read there’s a lot of great things about it, so I’m giving it a try. Have you used it? Please leave your thoughts in the comments!



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  1. immimarsh says:

    I love Coconut oil! I stir in a teaspoon into porridge for breakfast most mornings and it makes it really creamy and delish! X


  2. iv heard lots about it too, but not yet used it, should I try it?

    Please check out my outfit & tell me what you think!


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