Small space solutions

Since I’ve moved to the UK and now live in a tiny flat, I read everything I can get my hands on about small space solutions.

Granted, my husband and I got rid of most of our earthly possessions before we each moved from our home countries to England, but we’ve had to start collecting again and keeping things neat and organised has been a challenge.

The best thing we bought so far was this white Ikea Malm dresser, which has stored our pots, pans, extra blankets and spices. A dresser in the kitchen area sounds weird, but it works well.

FullSizeRender (16)We have a number of storage bins in our wardrobe to store everything from pharmaceuticals to flip flops. We also cram things into spaces, like the cutting board above our small fridge, pans in the oven and pens, notepads in some of the wine storage shelves (I’m not storing wine next to a heating object, I don’t like mulled wine that much). There is, thankfully, more wine rack shelves next to top cabinets.

Creative storage in the tiniest kitchen ever

We’ve also found some quirky ways to store kitchen items, such as cooking utensils inside our four cupboard doors.

FullSizeRender (17)

We also keep our drying racks under and behind our little couch because unfortunately, it’s pretty common in London not to have a dryer. However, you don’t see it and that makes me happy.

We also have four really deep shelves. While most of my books are in storage in Canada, I use the front of the shelves to display books, art and travel items, and the back to store (and hide) random things, such as file folders boxes (which store warranties, receipts, bills, keeper cards), the iron, tools, etc. The turquoise and bamboo bowl holds our keys. The bottom of the shelves has our washer, and I store our extra towels and dish clothes there.It works, though I need to find something taller to hide those file folder boxes, or perhaps make them look nicer. I am really working on everything having a place, and that place not obvious and out in the open.

FullSizeRender (18)


So because I spend so much time looking at these solutions, and trying to come up with some, (I still have not found a solution for the one wardrobe that must store our suitcases on top) I thought I’d share some of my favourite suggestions from some great blogs around the web.

We haven’t adapted many of the ideas I like because we’re avoiding putting any more holes in the walls – the plaster seems to disintegrate with each nail, and we’re not sure how long we’re staying, but I definitely keep them in mind for the future.

I love the idea of wall-mounted items to save visual space. Instead of having a side table on either side of the bed, why not mount a shelve to store your book, your lamp (or hang the lamp!), your alarm clock and your glass of water?

Via Desire to Inspire
Via Desire to Inspire

Have an Ikea nearby? We never had one in my home city of Halifax, but we have a few in London, which has been wonderful. Google “Ikea hacks” and you’ll find tons of stylish makeovers of Ikea items, like the former kitchen cabinet below. Not only stylish, but practical storage solutions.


Or use the space above your head – on top of cupboards, above doors, closets – when you live small, you need to be inventive.

Via Hus & Hem
Via Hus & Hem

I like the idea of making furniture work for you. Whether it’s double purpose furniture like a coffee table with drawers, seating that has storage or even fold away furniture that doesn’t have to take up space when you’re not using it.

Via My Scandinavian Home

And if I ever owned a small space, I LOVE this idea of suspending the bed.


I’ve linked all of these sites in the captions, but my tried and true website, my happy place, is Apartment Therapy.

What are your favourite small space solutions in your home? Please share in the comments.


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