Working on it

As I’ve said before, I love this city, but finding work here has been very difficult.

I’ve sent off dozens of resumes, and so far only have one upcoming interview. I’ve applied to jobs I’m qualified to do, jobs I’m overqualified to do and some I’m not quite qualified to do, but know I could do. But, when you’re in a city of more than eight million, there’s a lot of competition, and I understand that.

One HR person who was nice enough to give me feedback said I was overqualified for the job, but even when I said I’d be willing to start perhaps at a lower entry-level job, she dismissed it saying I’d be bored. I’m not even sure how to simplify my resume to get those jobs!


I’m trying not to let it get the best of me, but some days, like today, the rejections are making me feel like I’m not good enough at anything. It’s a terrible feeling, and I’m not used to it. Usually, I’m fairly confident, but lately, my ego has taken a licking. Worst of all, I’m starting to feel my ambition leave me, like maybe I should just have babies and be a stay-at-home mother – something that’s never crossed my mind before.

I felt really excited to move to London, I thought that my career could go places it would never have gone in Halifax, but now I’m really starting to doubt myself. Am I good enough at communications or journalism to do either? What am I doing wrong with my resume and/or cover letters? Is there something I should be doing to be more attractive to human resources people?

My loved ones say I’m being too hard on myself. Tomorrow marks one month in this wonderful city, but I really want to work, is a month too soon to feel like this? I want to feel like I have my own life in London, that I’m not just here because my husband is. I want meet people, feel like I’m accomplishing something, and of course ,contribute to the household.

I am meeting a recruiter tomorrow, so perhaps she’ll have advice for me. And I do have a job interview in a few weeks’ time, but I don’t want to put all my hopes on that.

Have you ever felt this way? How did you pull yourself out? I’d love to know.


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  1. albacharles says:

    Hi Christina! first of all congratulations for the blog, I really enjoy reading it!

    I must admit I have never felt this way but I’m afraid it is because I haven’t started looking for real jobs yet… I’ll explain myself, I’m studying a master in International Journalism and sometimes these thoughts wander through my mind. Would I be good enough for a job in journalism? Do I have what it needs to be a good journalist?
    I’m about to finish my master and step into the “real world”. But between now and the moment when I’ll have my own place and my dream job I foresee many obstacles. There are some days in which I’m scared and sad and others in which I’m happy and excited to start this new journey.

    I don’t know if my words are much help but I’ll just tell you to keep trying and you’ll find something for sure! How much is a month in a lifetime? ๐Ÿ™‚


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