Starting over

In the last two years, my life has completely changed. I went from a single woman living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, to one who met an Australian man in Turkey, travelled to 13 countries with him, married him and moved to London, England. It’s been an incredible time in my life. I see possibilities I’d never dreamed of, and I see challenges I’ve never dreamed of.

Living in England was always a dream of mine, back to when I’d see tabloids of Princess Diana running around the streets of London, to my first degree in English Literature, to visiting for the first time for my 30th birthday.

My first time in London in 2012. I never dreamed I'd actually get to live here.

I never dreamed I’d meet someone halfway across the world and actually end up here. I’m thankful for him, and I cannot believe I get to live in my favourite city with such an incredible human being. I’m really starting to believe if you want something and you’re a good person, it’ll happen for you.

I’ve been here two weeks and it’s already challenge. First off, it’s expensive to live here. We’re paying nearly three times in rent what I did for my apartment, which was at least 200 square feet bigger. So I’m putting a huge pressure on myself to find work. Not even to contribute financially, but I’ve left a big social life behind, and I’d love to meet people. Right now I feel like I’m in solitary confinement staying in and looking for work every day. I see people walking by in business dress and I feel envious.

Though husband and I spent most of our relationship together long distance, I spent two months at a time every few months in London with him, so I had an idea of what it’d be like to live with him, but it’s different actually living with him. We don’t agree on organizational styles, I’m uptight and he’s a paper hoarder! Because I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, I’ve been focusing on making our little apartment homey, on a tight budget. I’ll post pictures soon.

This is a long-winded post to get to my point, I’ve decided to give blogging another go, and my aim is for this to be a lifestyle blog encompassing my love of home decor/design, books, experiences living in a new country, share things I find interesting and/or amusing on the internet, and as it flows and forms, it may hone in on something more focused.


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